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It's a bit later then normal for our bi-annual Phoenix Models blowout, but it's back and the prices are better then ever!!! We've got hundreds of models at wholesale or below prices!!! Those other guys think they can throw a sale... well you won't see brand new in box Phoenix Models with an average price cheaper anywhere else... that's fact!!!

So this is how it works. We've got the master list up for the next two weeks or so! Place your pre-order and get your models reserved. In approximately two weeks I'll order the model from our special overseas contact that the other retailers don't want you to know about as they would rather pocket the price savings rather then pass them along to you. Once the order is placed the models are gathered and boxed up and then put on our personal row bot and make it's way over the biggest ocean in the world!!! The models tend to arrive two months or so AFTER our order is placed so approximately 8-12 weeks from now depending how fast they can row the boat!!! THESE MODELS WILL NOT MAKE IT IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS UNFORTUNATELY!

There you have it, it's just that simple. We've got hundreds of models at 25-50% off our everyday prices and others at normal prices that we will be restocking!! Take a look we've got two great sections of models that are split separately into 1:400 and 1:200 Phoenix Models!!! HAPPY SHOPPING!!!  read more...
 10/31 Aeroclassics Pre-Orders!!!
 10/29 Gemini Jets Pre-Orders!!!
 10/28 Phoenix Models Pre-Order!!!
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