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The Labor Day fun continues with the latest Aeroclassics Pre-Order!!! They are due in early tomorrow and should be going out tomorrow so be sure to get your order in and they will be on their way shortly!!!

Aeroclassics 1:400

TAESA B 737-300 XA-SEM - $35.95
Transbrasil B 737-300 PT-TEG - $35.95
VASP B 737-300 PP-SFJ - $35.95
S7 Airlines A319-100 VP-BTN - $35.95
S7 Airlines A319-100 VP-BTO - $35.95
S7 Airlines A320-200 VQ-BET - $35.95
S7 Airlines A321-200 VQ-BQH - $35.95
Tibet Airlines A319-100 B-6480 - $35.95
Tibet Airlines A319-100 B-6440 - $35.95
Juneyao Airlines A320-200 B-6298 - $35.95
YTO Express Airlines B 737-300 B-2505 - $35.95
Hainan Airlines B 737-300 B-2112 - $35.95
Donghai Airlines B 737-300 B-5047 - $35.95
TAP Air Portugal B 737-200 CS-TEO - $35.95
TAP Air Portugal B 737-300 CS-TIA - $35.95
SAS Scandinavian Airlines A321-200 OY-KBB - $35.95

Western Models 1:200

Delta Air Lines DC-8-50 N801E - $78.95
Delta Air Lines DC-8-30 N8166A - $78.95
Delta Air Lines DC-8-50 N818E - $78.95

We'll have the pictures available to you all either later this evening or the early AM at the latest. The Gemini Jets Pre-Order program is still going on, and we've still got discounted in-stock Aeroclassics that are still selling like hotcakes!!! It's been awhile since we've posted but we've still got the loyalty discount program in effect :

Loyalty Discount Program
Many of you have been very loyal customers over the years and until now I haven't been able to offer a loyalty discount for you. There will be very specific criteria for the code as follows:
1. To receive an automatic discount code, join our great site at
2. Upon registration on Forums - Diecast Model Aircraft (DiMA) send an email to in which you will be given an EXCLUSIVE code for your 10% discount.
3. At that time, you can earn up to an additional 5% off your order. For every 50 orders or $5000 dollars in goods shipped (after discount/excluding shipping) you will earn an extra .5% up to a total of 15% total discount on any and ALL orders.

For example, if you have placed 72 orders and 4,000 in spend, you will get a total of 10.5% off all your orders. If you placed 32 orders and 43,000 in spend you will get a total of 14% off all your orders. And so on and so forth. I know not all of you can place thousands of dollars in orders, but for those that are able to place orders here or there, your savings will add up!! For each time you reach a new level simply email , I'll review your account and bump up your discount as necessary, it's just that simple!!!

I hope that many of you are able to take advantage of this discount program and more importantly help support this new community in making it a great place to socialize, grow and enjoy this hobby that we all so love. Happy Shopping!!! / Forums - (DiMA)

 8/26 Gemini Jets Pre-Order!!!
 8/7 Herpa Wings Pre-Order!!!
 8/6 Phoenix Models Pre-Order!!!
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