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Another busy week has started with the latest Phoenix Models arrivals and more Inflight200 Pre-Order!!!

Phoenix Models 1:400

Thai AirAsia A320-200 HS-ABX - $35.95
Alitalia A330-200 I-EJGA - $38.95
Asiana Airlines A380-800 HL7634 - $41.95
Asiana Airlines B 737-400 HL7611 - $35.95
Brussels Airlines A320-200 OO-SNB - $36.95
Cathay Pacific A340-600 B-HQC - $39.95
China Eastern Airlines A330-300 B-6126 - $38.95
Iraqi Airways B 747-400 YI-ASA - $40.95
Peach A320-200 JA804P - $35.95
Peach A320-200 JA814P - $35.95
Qantas Airways A330-300 VH-QPA - $38.95
Qantas Airways A330-300 VH-QPC - $38.95
Qantaslink / Colbham Aviation Services B 717-200 VH-YQW - $35.95
Scoot B 787-900 9V-OJE - $38.95
TAAG Angola Airlines B 777-300 D2-TEG - $39.95
TAP Air Portugal A330-200 CS-TOE - $38.95
Thai Airways International A380-800 HS-TUE - $41.95
Thomas Cook A330-200 G-MDBD - $38.95
Turkish Airlines B 737-900 TC-JYI - $35.95
Turkish Airlines B 737-900 TC-JYJ - $35.95

Inflight200 Pre-Order!!

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines B 777-300 PH-BVD - $139.95
Air France B 777-300 F-GZNE - $139.95
JAL Japan Airlines B 777-300 JA752J - $139.95
Qatar Airways B 777-300 A7-BAG - $139.95
Cathay Pacific B 777-300 B-KPL - $139.95

In regards to Inflight200, we will continue to receive our models direct out of the factory, HOWEVER, once our initial orders are placed and normally up to the date of arrival as we order stock we will be able to hold your orders, but due to the ridiculous policies of Don Kaylor we will no longer be offering Inflight200 models once they initially sell out. They want to call themselves a distributor yet they don't want to carry stock or act in the manner of a distributor. I apologize for this inconvenience but it's just another poor decision on their part and you should expect this to affect all US retailers. Happy Shopping!

 8/26 Gemini Jets Pre-Order!!!
 8/7 Herpa Wings Pre-Order!!!
 8/6 Phoenix Models Pre-Order!!!
 8/3 Loads of New Arrivals!!!
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